Welcome to Knowledge Garden,Central Library
DRIEMS consists of a Central Library named as KNOWLEDGE GARDEN which is fully computerized with LIBSYS software that is user friendly. It helps in accessing a wide range of materials both in print and electronic version. The library has facilities like CD-ROMs, online databases and photocopiers for students. The digital library is an integral part of Knowledge Garden. KNOWLEDGE GARDEN is a well-stocked computerized library having nearly 40000 volumes besides e-journals is a hub of educational excellence. The library has nearly 2600 sq. mtr. of reading area for the users. We have Open-Access systems where students are allowed to browse their documents through terminals it is quite easy to search their reading material. Documents are kept in the library as per standard classification scheme and also follows AACR-2 cataloguing rules. The catalogue cabinet and computer system (OPAC search) at the entrance of library to apprise the users for reflecting the stock of library. Library provides membership to all its students, faculties, and administrative staff. The Membership form is available at the circulation counter.


All the students of B.Tech & M.Tech are hereby informed to submit their passport size photograph for new library card on or before 15th March 2017.

Library Timing

8 AM to 10 PM
Sunday and Holidays :
8 AM to 12 Noon

N.B: Special arrangements are made to keep the Library open upto 12 midnight before and during the minor and major examinations.