"A hub of learning & centre of excellence, Necessity is the mother of invention."

In these days of fierce competition, professionals need to be good at a variety of skills like public speaking, presentation, argument and debate, etc. They should be able to explore other dimensions of human life like music & drama, dance and other cultural activities. To fulfill these requirements DRIEMS has a 500 seated air-conditioned auditorium. It hosts various conferences , seminars and workshops. DRIEMS houses a large open-air-theatre. This open-air-theatre caters to different needs of students. The open stage can be used for heart-thumping disco beats or to enjoy the quietest nuances of Indian classical music. The stage can be configured to full-fledged lighting system with dozen of spob, floods, scanners and dimmers.

It's the right place for students to enjoy themselves by doing various things they are interested in, which also provides a means to enhance their overall personality.