"A hub of learning & centre of excellence, Necessity is the mother of invention."


SRI PRAMOD CHANDRA RATH is a renowned personality and a great visionary in the field of Technical region. As a strong disciplinarian, he has always craved to cherish a dream to uplift DRIEMS as one of the best educational campuses in the country. He has endeavored to make the ‘DRIEMS CAMPUS’ a guest for every scholars & elites. Truly ‘ DRIEMS’ has become the turning point far easy Engineering pursuant. As Chairman of DRIEMS, Mr. Rath is ever vigilant to maintain the dignity & integrity of the Institution. As an industrialist, Sri Rath has given a new shape to the horizon of the construction and building sectors. He has been awarded by several organizations and Institutions for his dedicated social work in different fields.

Mr. lokanath Behera is a man of par excellence. He is a master of perfection. He is M.A in English and Public Administration. He is truely an excellent mentor with 20 years of teaching experience. He is indeed a strong disciplinarian and a man of deep vision

Er. Tapaswini Sahu, the Principal of the institute isa woman of par excellence. She is a Master of Communication Engineering & an administrator with 10 year of teaching experience. She is indeed a strong disciplinarian and a woman of deep academic vision.