driems degree
naac with A grade


Programme Outcomes

All the students of the Civil Engineering Department should possess the following ability at the time of the successful completion of their courses:

  1. To become conversant with a knowledge of mathematics, computational skill and different civil Engineering principles. They must be able to apply them in the design, construction and operation.
  2. To investigation and collection of data about the site soil for using them in design.
  3. To conduct experiments involving models, machines and materials to gain a first-hand or indirect knowledge.
  4. To work with a multi disciplinary team for the successful completion of an important project.
  5. To identify, formulate and solve any engineering problem.
  6. To Exhibit professional steadfastness in discharging official, social and ethical responsibilities.
  7. To communicate efficiently with the higher-ups or subordinates for seeking direction or achieving any desired official objective.
  8. To analyze a problem from economic, environmental or societal angle.
  9. To understand the current trends and techniques of a subject and acquire all modern tools to achieve them.
  10. To Engage themselves in research and learning for a sound professional development.
  11. Gaining steam for preparing, participating and succeeding in competitive examinations like GATE, MAT, IES or IAS.
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