driems degree
naac with A grade


Programme Educational Objectives

  • The main objective of Electronics & Telecommunication engineering program is to educate the rural and urban students by providing conducive academic environment, building solid foundation through teaching of prerequisite courses so as to feel comfortable in learning core subjects and enable them for high levels of creativity, critical thinking, cohesiveness in team work and outstanding leadership in their careers.
  • To prepare graduates with good theoretical background and sound practical knowledge which lead to excellent performance at university examinations and successful professional career.
  • To make graduates to innovate, design, simulate, develop and test hardware and software components for offering solution to real life problems.
  • The graduates should be able to advance professionally through organized training and self-learning in the major areas such as VLSI, Signal Processing and Communication Engineering.
  • The graduates will be involved in professional organizations, formal education opportunities and industry oriented training programs that enhances their ability to become more productive in their place of employment.
  • To build strong fundamental knowledge amongst graduates so as to pursue higher education, research and find a suitable place in professional development of Electronics,Telecommunication and IT industries.
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