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DRIEMS was born in 1999 at Tangi, Cuttack, Odisha, but, DREIST with the motto of promoting technology, scientific thinking and innovative ideas, has surpassed three of its golden years in creating an unmatched aura of science and technology spectacle, years after years. Today, it is well established as one of the Eastern India’s Largest Science and Technology festival, with more than 5000 people in attendance and a reach of over 200 colleges across India.

In its endeavor to provide an international platform to the youth to showcase their talents and skill sets in fierce competitions, display cutting edge technology and research from all over the globe and have world renowned personalities motivate the youth and promote solutions to alleviate the common man of his banal, yet significant problems, DREIST strives for one and all to get inspired and look forward Like a picturesque canvas has the most precise blend of colors, patterns and brush strokes, DREIST year after year promises to be a perfect blend of ideas, innovation and enthrallment.


Organizational Framework

DREIST is entirely managed by students of DRIEMS with a four-tier team structure. The core committee consists of 16 members comprising of 2 Overall Coordinator at the helm and 14 Managers. DREIST is a true believer in the concept of a team of equals. Every brickbat is shared equally by the team as is in every bouquet. Although every aspect of DREIST is no closer to one manager than the other but, for smooth functioning, certain portfolios are allotted to every manager.

The portfolios can be broadly categorized into two sections - administration and events. The administrative portfolios primarily include tasks like accounts, infrastructure, media and marketing, hospitality and publicity. The events portfolios include responsibility for each of the numerous happenings and initiatives taken by DREIST each year. A team of over 150 Coordinators and Organizers along with their respective managers work in sync to execute and implement the splendid spectacle called DREIST.

  • Robo Fight
  • Air Show
  • Paper Presentation
  • Project Carnival
  • Rush Drive
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Canti Clavas Destino
  • General Quiz
  • Murder Mystery
  • Wordsworth
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Need For Speed MW
  • Mini Militia
  • Devil Follows
  • Looping Games
  • App Mockup
  • Funk From Junk
  • Mobile Photography
  • Coding Ninja & Many More.
Cheif Patron:
  • Sj. Pramod Chandra Rath, Chairman, DRIEMS
  • Er. Durga Prasad Rath, Director, DRIEMS
  • Sj. Balaram Kar, Director (Admin.), DRIEMS
  • Prof (Dr.) Sarat Kumar Mishra, Principal, DRIEMS
  • Prof. B.B. Mohanty Vice-Principal, DRIEMS
Advisory Committee:
  • Prof. (Dr.) L.N. Bhuyan(UCR, USA)
  • Prof. (Dr.) A.K Maitra (IIEST, Shibpur)
  • Prof. (Dr.) P.K. Hota (VSSUT, Burla)
  • Prof. (Dr.) A.K Panda (NIT, Rourkela)
  • Prof. (Dr.) B.D.Subudhi (NIT, RKL)
  • Prof. (Dr.) M.K. Moharana(NIT, RKL)
  • Prof. (Dr.) N. Meher (DRIEMS, CTC)
  • Prof. (Dr.) S.S. Hota (DRIEMS, CTC)
  • Prof. (Dr.) S.Z. Khan (Chairman, DCPC)
  • Prof. (Dr.) H.S. Moharana(Dean, Research)
  • Prof. Jibanananda Mehena (Dean(SW), DRIEMS)
Organising Committee:
  • Prof. Sushanta Kumar Sethy, Chief Co-ordinator
  • Prof. Rajeev Agarwal (CSE)
  • Prof. Deepak Ranjan Biswal (ME)
  • Prof. P.K. Gantayat (CSE)
  • Prof. (Dr.) Anil Tripathy(CHEM.)
  • Prof. (Dr.) Smarajit Barik (MATH.)
  • Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan Panda (PHY.)
  • Prof. (Dr.) Ranjan Kumar Mohanty (HSS)
  • Prof. Sangram Tripathy (IT)
  • Prof. Raghunath Rout (IT)
  • Prof. Biswajit Mishra (ME)
  • Mr. S.K. Samantray (Admin, Mgr)
  • Mr. Ashotosh Dwivedy (A.O.)
  • Mr. Girish Chandra Das (Dy. Registrar)
  • Mr. Nirakar Sahoo (P.R.O.)
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