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We believe in a learning organization, where learning is a continuous process. There is room for those driven by the zeal to surpass their peers and others in their competitive environment. We mix and match intensive training with equal thrust on JOB SKILLS and behavioral development. Group therapies and seminars are organized to encourage professional rapport and keep student morale running high. We realize the value that students add to different organizations and formulate policies that take into consideration individual needs and benefits.


The Institute is planning and providing opportunities for industrial visits with the objective of enriching the students’ practical knowledge in the field of Technical Education. An industrial visit motivates the students towards achieving the task and also helps to understand the recent trends and technological developments in various fields. Visits to wide range of industries and technical exhibitions are regularly arranged to keep the students abreast of the conditions prevailing in their fields of study and latest technologies.

FACULTY CONSULTATION The consultation of the faculty will make the student to understand their major responsibilities. The experienced faculties will provide the best guidelines to the students, their presentation power will increase in all aspects and the student may get more information through faculty consultant.STUDENT


Students training sessions improves the subject, and practical knowledge of the students. They get information beyond the text syllabus. The training courses help and provide them mental balance and courage to face their future.


Students are encouraged to work on individual as well as group projects. Department organizes special training programs in advanced areas of all engineering branches in collaboration with premier training institutions.


Seminars and Guest Lectures are periodically conducted by inviting eminent Scholars. This activity enables to improve the knowledge of the students in other fields. This process gives an opportunity to kindle the students mind to expose their hidden talents. Seminar / Expert Lectures show a new dimension and the students get more information about the recent trends.

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