Electronics Mechanic:
Now electronic development is a very essential part for the economic development of the country. The field of electronics plays a vital role in the progress of modern technology and in the other commercial fields. The trainees are extra ordinary supported with best theoretical and practical knowledge, which helps them to stand in a better position and as a better electronic mechanic in the applied field. With the expert faculty the students boldly face the challenge in their future professional life. There is a modern well equipped laboratory for this trade. Inside the lab / workshop all the essential practical equipment and tools are provided by which the trainees can given more and more practical knowledge. It aims to have a well-developed and newly skilled electronic equipment in the DRIEMS Campus.

This trade also has made a high impact in the economic progress of the country. DRIEMS has a well developed workshop with modern and developed equipments, tools and machines like – motor, generators, alternators, machine trainers, transformer etc. with AC & DC sources. Electrician trade has a magnificent role in the field of industrialization.

Fitter is a mechanical trade, which has a vast and important role in the Industrial field. It has a direct co-relation with the economic development of the country. This trade has a very large and well-equipped workshop. All the developed machinery tools are provided which help the trainees for assembling various types of machine and fitting works. This trade is provided with expert facilities to train the trainees to emerge as good mechanics in the applied field. This trade has great demand in almost all industries.