A source of unlimited knowledge and information for students ever enthusiastic about learning. That’s the library of DRIEMS, with a huge capacity to accommodate many students at the same time. A powerhouse in itself, it is the place most frequented by students. The Institute has well stocked, library with a vast collection of books.


In these days of fierce competition, professionals need to be good at a variety of skills like public speaking, presentation, argument and debate etc. They also should be able to explore other dimensions of human life like music, drama, dance and other cultural activities. To fulfill these requirements DRIEMS has a 500 seated air-conditioned auditorium. It hosts various conferences, seminar and workshops.


DRIEMS has its own fleet of 46 buses which caters to the transport needs of students, staff and visiting guests and provides links from campus to Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Kuakhia, Chandikhole, Choudwar, Salipur & etc.


The Institute has a well maintained canteen which is the refreshment center for the students. The canteen caters to all aspects of food i.e., Chinese, Western and Indian foods. Moreover, canteen is the best meeting place for the entire mass for a hangout.

Games and Sports

Staying physically fit and mentally refreshed is a prerequisite for every student. And the best way to make it happen is through sports. There is a Sports Complex, functioning to ensure the needs of supports activities of all the Institute in our educational complex.

Sport Complex functions under the guidance of DRIEMS Sports Committee consisting of senior professors and student coordinators. A large playground is ready in the campus for cricket, hockey, football, basketball and other Indian games. DRIEMS also provides excellent coaching facilities. It is the training and facilities together that has helped DRIEMS to bring laurels at various competitions. A beautiful swimming pool is in the offing to cater to the needs of the students.

So, it's always beneficial to mix a little fun with hard work for a balanced life.

Health Care

There’s a health care center and clinic on campus where qualified medical professionals provide medical assistance with warmth and care. DRIEMS has also appointed a Medical Officer for its clinic. Medical facilities are available round the clock, so students can rest assured of getting medical attention, any time, any hour.

Workshop & Laboratory

There were well-equipped workshops and laboratories to facilitate students to put their knowledge in to practical application. As they spend valuable time at these laboratories, their skills are continuously honed. Ultimately in future, these practical experiences enable them to give solutions for any and every problem in their work

3.1 General Rules for Laboratories

i) All students must observe the Dress Code while in the laboratory.

ii) Sandals or open-toed shoes are NOT allowed.

iii) Foods, drinks and smoking are NOT allowed.

iv) All bags must be left at the indicated place.

v) The lab timetable must be strictly followed. Prior permission from the Lab Supervisor must be obtained if any change is to be made.

vi) Students should be PUNCTUAL for laboratory session.

vii) Lab Sessions must be completed within the given time.

viii) One must respect the laboratory / staff and its other users. Noise must be kept to a minimum.

ix) Workspace must be kept clean and tidy at all time.

x) All apparatus should handled with care.

xi) All students are liable for any damage to equipment caused by their negligence.

xii) All equipment, apparatus and chairs must be RETURNED to their original place after use.

xiii) Students are strictly PROHIBITED from taking out any items from the laboratory without permission from the Lab Assistant.

xiv) Students are NOT allowed to work alone in the laboratory.

xv) Student should consult Lab Assistant regarding operation of laboratory equipment.

xvi) One must report to the Lab Assistant if any injury occurred.

xvii) Student should report immediately to the Lab Assistant for any damages to equipment, hazards, and potential hazards.

3.2 General Rules for Workshops

i) Always listen carefully to the teacher and follow instructions.

ii) Do not run in the workshop, you could ‘bump' into another and cause an accident.

iii) Know where the emergency stop buttons are positioned in the workshop. If you see an accident at the other side of the workshop you can use the emergency stop button to turn off all electrical power supply to machines

iv) Always wear an apron as it will protect your clothes and hold lose clothing such as ties in place.

v) Wear good strong shoes.

vi) During practical work all stools should be put away.

vii) Bags should not be brought into a workshop as people can trip over them.

viii) When learning how to use a machine, listen very carefully to all the instructions given by the teacher. Ask questions, especially if you do not understand clearly.

ix) Do not use a machine if you have not been shown by the teacher how to operate it safely.

x) Always be patient, never rush in the workshop.

xi) Always use a guard when working on a machine.

xii) Keep hands away from moving/rotating machinery.

xiii) Use hand tools carefully, keeping both hands behind the cutting edge.

xiv) Report any damage to machines/equipment as this could cause an accident.


Experience a cozy home like atmosphere at our hostels. There is a separate hostel for boys and girls. The rooms are spacious, well furnished, self contained and duly maintained. It also has the unique telecom facility for incoming call only. Several newspapers as well as magazines are subscribed and a TV is also provided to get them relaxed during leisure and also to get themselves updated.


i) For admission into hostel, application shall be made to the Director (Admn.)/Principal.

ii) The College reserves the right to reject any application which does not merit consideration without assigning any reason there of.

iii) A boarder shall ordinarily be admitted only for two semesters (One year). Admission to hostel in subsequent years is subject to good conduct, discipline and payment of hostel & mess charges. No boarder is allowed to change his/her room without the permission of the Hostel Superintendents.


i) Seats are allotted to the boarders by the Hostel Superintendent after scrutinizing their applications. Students should furnish all the information as required by the Hostel Superintendents.

ii)Students are not entitled to retain accommodation in the hostel beyond normal period of their degree programme.


i) After the general allotment, any application for withdrawal from the hostel shall have to be countersigned by the father/guardian of the student and submitted to the Director (Admn.) through Hostel Superintendent. Such an application can be made after clearing the hostel dues.

ii) While finally vacating the hostel, the student must hand over the charge of the room and all the hostel property issued to him/her, to the hostel caretaker and obtain "NO DUES CERTIFICATE" signed by the hostel Superintendent.


i) Every boarder is responsible for the hostel property he/she uses.

ii) Boarders will be charged for any damage caused to the hostel property used by them individually or collectively.

iii) The charges will be the actual cost of repairs with a fine of 50% of it.


i) Lights and fans as provided in the rooms can be utilized.

ii) Additional lights, fans, heaters and other electrical gadgets / items are not permitted to be used.

iii) Unauthorized equipment / gadgets in use will be confiscated by the authorities on permanent and non-returnable basis.

iv) Boarders leaving the room for any reason will switch off the fan and lights failing which a fine of Rs.120/- per fan and Rs.60/-per light per day will be collectively charged to all persons residing in the room.

v) Boarders will make their own arrangements for electric bulbs/tubes for use in their rooms.


To avoid any form of theft in the hostels, students are advised to take the following precautions :

i) no costly items should be brought or kept with the boarders. Incase it is inevitable the same should be kept under strong lock and key at boarder's risk.

ii) boarders should not give their room keys to anyone.

iii) no student, ward-servants, mess staff or any other hostel employee be asked to enter the rooms for personal or any other work, during the absence of occupants of a room.


i) All cases of illness should be reported to the Hostel Supdt. who will refer it to the College Doctor. In case of emergency, the boarder should be removed to the nearest Hospital.

ii) Students suffering from chronic diseases and in want of frequent medical checkup by specialists will not be permitted to stay in the hostel.


i) Normally, visitors are not permitted into the students' room. However, they can meet the boarders in the Ground floor Hostel foyer during leisure hours.

ii) In exceptional cases, visitors can enter students' room on approval of the Hostel Supdt./Hostel in-charge.


i) Ordinarily no guests are permitted to meet their wards during college hours. Visitors are allowed into the hostel as per the time schedule fixed by the Hostel Superintendent.

ii) On exceptional circumstances, parents and authorized / approved guardians may be permitted to stay overnight in their ward's room on prior permission of the Hostel-in-charge / Hostel Supdt. / Dean (SW) / Management, if the visit has reference to the interest or welfare of the boarder.

iii) A Guest Register shall be maintained in the Hostel Office. The name of the guests / visitors should be entered in the Register. Only parents and authorized approved local guardians are allowed to meet their wards.

iv) Friends of opposite sex are not allowed to stay in the Hostel.


Amenities as provided shall be utilized, maintained and kept at their earmarked places. No equipment, indoor game items, newspapers, magazines etc. are to be taken to the rooms.


TV may be used except during study hours.


The undermentioned points will be considered as breach of discipline and action as deemed fit will be initiated against the indexers.

i) Ragging in any form.

ii) Misconduct of any description and form.

iii) Use of drugs, intoxicants, alcoholic drinks, smoking in the hostel premises and its peripheries.

iv) Chewing of tobacco, betel and littering the lavatories, rooms, verandahs, corridors etc.

v) Writing on and disfiguring the walls, doors, windows of the building.

vi) Pasting photographs, paper cuttings, photos of various gods and goddesses on windows, doors, walls.

vii) Playing radio, music systems etc. in a loud pitch.

viii) Screening or viewing of video films.

ix) Shouting, yelling, singing loudly and making noise.

x) Moving inside the hostel, improperly dressed.

xi) Entering others' room or calling others to own room.

xii) Holding meetings without permission.

xiii) Using foul language, calling bad names, passing remarks, showing disrespect or derogatory behavior to fellow boarders, authorities in the hostel and mess.

xiv) Riding bicycles in the verandahs.

xv) Parking two wheelers in the area not earmarked for the same.

xvi) Sitting bare body in the hostel lawns and in front of the hostel.

xvii) Absence from hostel without prior permission of the competent authorities.

2.13 A student shall cease to be a boarder of the hostel in the following cases, and is to vacate the rooms.

i) On completion of semester examination.

ii) After taking CLC.

iii) Not appearing in the semester examination.

iv) Causing physical or mental torture to other residents.

v) Indulging in unsavoury behaviour.


  • DO'S

    Occupy room as per the room allotment order.

    Devote two hours (7.P.M. to 9P.M.) for study on all the days

    Maintain Hostel property in order.

    Switch off lights and fans during your absence or else all the room mates will be penalized.

    Keep the room under lock and key to safeguard your belongings.

    In case of sickness, meet the doctor on duty in the College Dispensary and follow his advice.

    Utilise indoor game items and keep the same in earmarked place.

    Enjoy TV only during leisure hours.

    Maintain discipline.

    Behave ethically and dignifiedly.

    Ensure neat and clean environment.

    Show respect to seniors and affection to juniors.

    Develop a family culture.

    Practice Pranayam.

    Practise Yoga.

    Create a home away from home.


    Damage Hostel property. In case of such damage, heavy penalty will be imposed on the concerned boarders.

    Use additional electrical gadgets. In such a case, the gadget will be confiscated.

    Allow ward servants, mess staff or any other hostel employee to enter your room in your absence.

    Allow any visitor to enter your room without written permission of Superintendent.

    Allow any guest to stay in the hostel without permission of Superintendent.

    Involve in Ragging in any form. In case of Ragging, you will be rusticated.

    Disfigure walls/doors/windows.

    Screen Video Films.

    Disturb others by shouting, singing in loud voice.

    Move inside hostel / outside hostel in bare body.

    Hold meeting inside hostel premises without permission

    Cause any physical / mental torture to room mates / hostel mates. In case of such events, you will be removed from hostel immediately.

    Take tobacco / alcohol.

    Leave hostel without written permission of Superintendent.


    Stay outside hostel premises beyond specified timing.