Chairman’s Message
Nursing education needs real commitment and selfless, endeavor with love, passion and perseverance. Nursing students should act as force for change and become vital resource for health. I wish that the students of DRIEMS School and College of Nursing can get proper ambience to learn-grow and develop service temperament for societal development.
(Sri Pramod Chandra Rath)
Director (Administration)’s message
Nursing education is based upon service and sacrifice. It possesses continuous bearing process. Its design is three fold such as innovation, necessity and societal utilization. DRIEMS School & College of Nursing have started this session with heads high. It is carefully organized, monitored and managed to produce qualitative nursing students with impeccable character and service temperament. I wish the institution all success.
(Sri Balaram Kar)
Director’s Message
The primary objective of nursing education is to prepare skillful nurses to serve the humanity. Nursing professionals should be ready to face future challenges of change within health care system with quality & excellence. The Nation awaits Nursing students & professionals to imbibe education with wisdom, feeling and action. DRIEMS School and College of Nursing is built upon the foundation of integration and excellency which drive students to look beyond boundaries.
I wish all the nursing students to have spectacular professional life and to discover new dimensions in nursing for days to come.
(Prof. Dr. Ashutosh Debata)
Principal’s Message
Nursing is the noblest profession of all the professions. It is not only in immense demand globally, it also offers a colorful rewarding career. DRIEMS school & college of nursing is the only one and unique institution in Odisha with Qualified and committed faculties & its sophisticated infrastructure , started in 2013 The primary objective of the institution is to produce competent nurses to face the challenging world of nursing and to meet the emerging health care needs of the society.
I wish all the students would be a Nightingale in some part of the world, shining their light, brightening the corner where they are with their humble heart, presence of mind and helping hands serving the humanity to their best.
(Mrs. Anasuya Pattanayak)
Health is the basic human right. Hence health care delivery system requires competency in the care of the clients.
Nursing is key to health care delivery system. However there is acute shortage of the nursing personnel not only in India but throughout the World.

It has created the demand of increased number of nursing institution to train the nurses as per the present and future demands of qualified nurses. However the excellency in the nursing education required desired facilities to bring out the hidden potential of the nursing students and make them confident to practice in any service setting.

In order to achieve this goal the hon'ble Chairman of DRIEMS Sj. Pramod Chandra Rath has started a nursing institution which is admitting students for the academic year 2013-14 to fulfill the demand of nurses with world class competency and expertise in modern nursing.

(DRIEMS believes that excellency in the nursing profession can be brought through excellent academic environment.)


To bring out excellency among the nursing students through proper education, training and prepare them to be able to work in any part of the world under any circumstances related to health and illness.

Objectives To

  • Provide an educational programme through which the nurses will be produced to assume responsibility in primary, secondary and tertiary health care as professional Nurses.
  • Produce graduates who are capable of teaching and supervising in appropriate Nursing and health care sectors, participate in administration of Nursing service and education.
  • Ensure that the Nurses achieve all round development so that she/he is able to meet the needs of individual, family, community thus making herself / himself as asset to the society.
  • Promote Teaching, Learning and Evaluation process in classroom as well as in clinical area through appropriate supervision and ongoing evaluation based on well defined criteria.
  • Assist and co-ordinate with other members of Nursing and multidisciplinary team in prevention of diseases and promotion of health care in hospital and community.
  • Practise ethical values in personal and professional lives through continuous guidance and counselling services whenever necessary.
DRIEMS School and College of Nursing is one of the institutions under the umbrella of DRIEMS at Tangi, Cuttack. It is situated by the side of NH-5. It is only 15 kms far from the silver city of Cuttack. It is easily approachable from Cuttack, Kendrapada, Jajpur, And Keonjhar and other locations by bus and train.