Academics Growth

  • To offer a holistic approach to science and technical education, personality development, academic excellence and social skill.
  • To inculcate science students with scientific temperament required for multi dimensional and multifaceted education in the 21st century.
  • To glide from Quality Assurance to Excellence.
Academic Ethic
  • To use the creativity of faculty and students for integrated development of the institution.
  • To enhance healthy competition
  • To be an example of other institution.
Area of Academic Focus
  • Duty culture
  • Discipline
  • Effective time management
  • Quality and Excellency
  • Expansion
  • Innovation
Highlights of Academia Advancement
  • Chalking out Annual Academic Calender
  • Introduction of Lesson Plan – Lesson progress and proctorial program.
  • Enhancement of Academic competency through developing quality and work culture.
  • Effective Teaching-Learning and Evaluation process.
  • Remedial classes, Evening coaching classes, Special doubt clearing classes for residential students.
  • Regular CHSE pattern teaching in synchronization with intensive coaching for IIT/OJEE/ AIEEE examinees.
  • Ethic and Personality development classes
  • Emphasis on English communication
  • Chapter wise weekly/ monthly/ half yearly/ mock tests to assess the progress of students.
  • To start on End-Line Test after each test to plan out modules for future development of students.
  • Students career and advance learning counseling
  • Constitution of Anti ragging / Students Grievance redressal Cell.
  • Developing sports culture.
  • Parent Teacher meet
  • Refresher course for Teachers.Feed-back mechanism to avail learning input of students.
  • Feed-back mechanism to avail learning input of students.
  • Monthly academic performance assessment of staffs & students. Improving habitat in hostel.

Courses Offered

The total number of approved seats is 192, Teaching is imparted on the following subjects in each class-

Compulsory Subject :

English, M.I.L., (Oriya or Alternative English or Hindi) and Env. Education.

Optional Subject :
  • Elective Subject - Physics
  • Elective Subject - Chemistry
  • Elective Subject - Mathematics, Biology
  • Elective Subject only - I.T. C.S

One has to choose either Group - A, Group-B or Group-C for 3rd and 4th Elective Subjects as mentioned below.

  • Group - A Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology
  • Group - B Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & I.T./C.S
  • Group - C Physics, Chemistry, Biology & I.T./C.S

Restriction on selection of optional (henceforth called as elective) subjects will be the main feature in the new course structure. There shall be no extra optional subject. Instead each student has to offer four elective subjects as mentioned above.


The Dept. of Odiya:

Oriya being the mother tongue of most of the students and our State language, the department serves to preserve its value and dignity. As a highly qualified students-friendly teacher he strives his best for the all-round personality development of the students by encouraging them to participate in debates, discussions, essay, poem writing and other co-curricular activities.
Dr. Ajit Kumar Mohapatra (M.A., Ph.D, LL.B)

The Dept. of Physics:

The department is well-equipped with sophisticated laboratory having required instruments and apparatus to enhance the practical knowledge of the students on Physics. The department is proud of its brilliant and experienced faculty.
Sri Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra (M.Sc.), H.O.D, Sri Shakti Swarup (M.Sc.), Sri Sradheya Roy(M.Sc), Sri Guru Prasad Mukharjee (M.Sc), Ms. Adysa Satapathy (M.Sc)

The Dept. of Mathematics:

The department looks after the mental ability and numerical aptitude of the students. The well-experienced and student-friendly teacher takes personal care to solve students’ problems in mathematics with great consideration and problem-solving attitude.
Sri Dillip Kumar Mallick (M.Sc., LL.B.), H.O.D, Sri Padmanav Samal (M.Sc.), Mrs. Juliate Mohanty (M.Sc., MBA), Sri Deepak Das (M.Sc.), Sri Anil Kumar Ojha(M.Sc), Sri Ramakanta Behera(M.Sc).

The Dept. of English:

The department takes care to develop the communicative competence of the students in the four major skills of language learning i.e. listening, speaking, reading & writing (L-S-R-W). Students participate in debates, group discussions, mock interviews, story / essay / poem writing and different tests to make them proficient in interactive English.
Mr. Sanjeeb Sankar Samal (M.A.), Mr. Asis Kumar Puhan (M.A.), Mr. Sarat Kumar Sahani(M.A).

The Dept. of Chemistry:

The department aims at expanding the horizon of students’ knowledge in the field of Chemistry. It has well-equipped laboratory with all the required chemicals and modern apparatus. The department is blessed with highly qualified and experienced faculty with high degree of competence.
Sri Asish Satyaprakash Roy(M.Sc, M.Phil, P.hD Cont.), Dibyajit Lenka (M.Sc), Sri Manoj Kumar Pradhan (M.Sc)

The Dept. of Biology:

The department imparts practical knowledge to the students by conducting practical and demonstrations of plant life in the well-developed Botanical garden. Its laboratory has modern apparatus along with various specimens and models. The experienced and competent teachers are specially gifted with the art of drawing and painting. The department of Biotechnology has shown its own proficiency in imparting the knowledge regarding the technological exploration in the living entity.
Alakananda Mohapatra(M.Sc.), HOD, Mrs. Seema Rout (M.Sc., M.Phil.), Sri Prabir Majumdar(M.Sc).

The Dept. of IT & Computer Science:

The department has well-furnished hi-tech lab. with 20 computers of P-IV configuration. With brilliant and highly competent faculty members the department aims at equipping the students with latest knowledge on Information Technology.
Sri Bhabani Prasad Tripathy (M.Sc.-I.T.),H.O.D, Mrs. Mousumi Acharya(M.Tech), Sri Y.Chandrasekhar Rao(M.Sc).