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Student friendly and Parent Friendly

Counseling and mentoring system for students
Creating a sense of belongingness and ensuring safety should be the foremost objective of any institution. Our Counseling and mentoring system is dedicated to providing a supportive and thriving environment with inclusive and integral development support to each and every student. Our mentors provide a supportive space for addressing academic, personal and emotional challenges. Through one-on-one sessions, workshops, and outreach programs, we empower individuals to develop insights into career pathways, resilience, self-awareness, and effective coping strategies. Through this comprehensive assistance, our university also prioritizes the mental and emotional health of students, empowering them to overcome obstacles and thrive in their academic journey. Together, we create a supportive network that ensures every student receives the guidance they need to succeed both academically and personally.
Students’ Club and Organisation
Welcome to the gleaming and twinkling hubs of students’ life at DRIEMS - THE CLUBS and ORGANISATION. These clubs celebrate diversity, creativity and collaboration and offer an array of opportunities for students to engage, explore and grow outside the classroom. From hosting a wide range of events to organizing student-led initiatives, they have become the heartbeat of DRIEMS.from academic interest to cultural appreciation and everything in between. They serve as a dynamic platform by offering assistance, resources, support and mentorship to bring life to your ideas from academic interest to cultural appreciation and everything in between.
  • 1. Sports Club
  • 2. Drama Club
  • 3. Literary Club tvastra
  • 4. Song Club
  • 5. Dance club
  • 6. Robotics Club
  • 7. Coder Club
  • 8. VLSI Club
  • 9. Yoga Club
Entrepreneurship Development Club -SAMARTH Student nurse association() .
Grievances and redressal
Our goal is to create a supportive and responsive environment, ensuring that the experience in the university remains positive and constructive. The grievances and redressal section is designed to facilitate a fair, transparent and effective resolution to any grievance. Various committees are in place to address specific concerns, including academic, harassment and student welfare and to encourage open communication and prompt reporting of grievances for smooth conduct of resolution.
  • 1.Internal Complaints Committee(ICC)
  • 2.Students’ Grievance and Redressal Committee(SGRC)
  • 3.Anti-Ragging Committee
  • 4.Proctorial Board
  • 5.Anti-Ragging Squad
  • 6.Discipline Committee
  • 7.Differently-Abled Committee
  • 8.Minority Committee
  • 9.SC & ST Committee
  • 10.OBC Committee
  • 11.Ethics Committee
  • 12.Anti-Gender-Bias Committee
  • 13.Students' Counseling Committee/Cell.
Public Community services
Our Public Community Service Initiatives is committed to pursue excellence beyond campus borders and into the wider community. We are committed to instill the feeling of social responsibility and actively seek to make a positive impact in society. Through various outreach programs, volunteer opportunities and collaboration with local organizations ranging from education, health and wellness to environmental and community development, we aim to address pressing community needs, foster meaningful connection and inspire meaningful change. We encourage students, staff and faculty to get involved and contribute their time, assistance and expertise to bring change and create an inclusive community. .
Art and culture
DRIEMS has always believed in providing a platform to explore creativity and to enhance skills. Cultural programs are pivotal in enriching university curriculum by fostering creativity, diversity and social cohesion. From visual arts exhibitions and theatrical performances to musical concerts, dance showcases, and literary readings, our campus is a dynamic canvas where students, faculty, and the wider community come together to experience the beauty and power of artistic expression.