Convention Center

Welcome to the heart of intellectual and artistic expression at DRIEMS - our state-of-the-art auditoriums. The Jayashree Auditorium, with a 600-seat capacity, provides a spacious environment for academic lectures and captivating performances. Our Padmini and Ranidevi auditoriums offer versatile settings for more intimate gatherings, accommodating 250 and 130 guests, respectively. What sets our auditoriums apart is not just their physical infrastructure, but the seamless blend of technology, comfort, and aesthetics. Equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, comfortable seating, and a dedicated event management team, our auditoriums ensure that every event is delivered with precision and style. These spaces go beyond mere physical infrastructures; they are vibrant hubs of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. With their versatility and unwavering commitment to excellence, our auditoriums stand as pillars of opportunity, bringing people together to create unforgettable experiences and lasting memories.