A Clash of Titans and a thrilling encounter between Odisha and Himachal Pradesh witnessing Ranji Match at DRIEMS Cricket Stadium

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February 15, 2024
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February 15, 2024

The sun beat down mercilessly on the pristine DRIEMS Cricket Stadium, casting a golden glow over the field as two formidable teams of Odisha and Himachal Pradesh prepared to battle it out in a match that would go down in history on 28th January, 2024. Both the teams witnessed 24th Ranji Trophy match. The atmosphere was electric, with fans packed into the stands, their cheers echoing across the stadium like a thunderous roar. In this thrilling situation Odisha defeated Himachal Pradesh with 238 runs. Odisha bat first and scored 387 runs. Ny chasing after this huge milestone Himachal Pradesh all out in 149 runs. Young bowler Rajesh Mohanty took 5 wickets in this interesting match. This match is very important for Odisha as it is the first match Odisha witnessed after two losses and one draw match.

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