School of Management and School of Professional Studies present a seminar on the latest trends in management.

DRIEMS School of Occupational,Physiotherapy, Paramedical & Allied Science hosted a Farewell party named “Antasargam 2023”.
December 20, 2023

Management professionals continually seek to enhance their knowledge and skills to adapt to emerged trends and challenges. To address this need, a seminar on the latest trends in management was organized by DRIEMS School of Management and Professional studies ,to provide a platform for industry leaders, scholars, and practitioners to share insights and strategies for navigating the evolving landscape of management on 21st January,2024. The seminar focused on exploring the latest trends shaping the field of management and their implications for businesses worldwide. Key themes included digital transformation, agile methodologies, sustainable practices, diversity and inclusion, and remote work dynamics. Eminent speaker Dr. Bidhu Bhusan Mishra, Vice Chancellor, Sambalpur University kicked off the seminar with keynote addresses, providing valuable perspectives on the current state of management trends and future projections. They emphasized the importance of embracing change, leveraging technology, and fostering innovation to drive organizational growth and competitiveness.

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